Glimpse of Happiness..

Posted by J. Lazarus "Raze" Muyet on

"The happiness we receive from outside of ourselves, is greater than that which we obtain from our surroundings."  -Metrodovus

 Many of us look for certain materialistic things in order to make us feel happy. We falsely believe that purchasing a car or shopping for clothes brings this "happiness", but in reality this is a superficial happiness. Then there are those who look towards others in hopes of them bring a form of happiness like a spouse, family or friends. But this too is only a glimpse of happiness that is brought forth by outside influences. True happiness is only found within ourselves, and made manifest through positive thinking and positive actions. Happiness, like sadness or depression, or basically any form of emotions, is simply a state of mind. We actually have the power to choose our happiness, instead of depending on our surroundings. Unfortunately, many forfeit their power and willingly hand it over to outside influences, and thus are only happy when someone makes them "happy". You are the Creator of true happiness, so start creating. 

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