I Can't Go Back To Yesterday!

Posted by J. Lazarus "Raze" Muyet on

"I can't go back to yesterday because yesterday I was a different person."    -Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

For many people "yesterday" is symbolic to a particular time span- a certain point in their lives that stick in their memory whether good or bad. For me, "yesterday" represents a time before I entered prison when I was young, immature and ignorant to the Mysteries that the world had to offer. I didn't care too much about anything but that's only because I didn't care too much about myself. And when one fails to love themselves, to truly appreciate- not only themselves- but what the world has to offer, they become a self-destructive time bomb that destroys everything in their path. It was in prison that I awoke from the slumber that held me in a mental and spiritual bondage for the first 28 years of my life. Now, because I view the world completely different, I can never go back to "yesterday". Nor would I want to. Who I was "yesterday" made me who I am today.

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