Stay Positive!

Posted by J. Lazarus "Raze" Muyet on

"I use to complain that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."    -Unknown

As human beings we have a tendency to cry and complain about our circumstances, and thus wallow in self-pity. But as bad as our circumstances are, there are people who have it far worse than we do. If we take the time to stop crying and wipe away the tears that blind us, we would be able to see that our situation isn't as bad as we think it is when we compare it to others who have it a lot worst.

I am serving multiple life sentences and other inmates, (those who are only doing a few years), always ask how I always stay positive and never stress. Well, I do stress at times, it is only natural for someone in my situation. But what I don't allow is the stress to infect me like a disease where I become negative to everything around me. Positive energy and positive thinking brings positive things. Plus, I once met another inmate who was also serving a life sentence, but unlike me he was in a wheel chair. Though he and I shared a "life sentence", I on the other hand could walk, run and play handball. He on the other hand, was imprisoned behind the wall and within his own body.

So be grateful for the blessings you have instead of wasting precious energy complaining about what you wish you had.  


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